The sandwich that saved my life

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super chefs

It’s kind of weird story that you’ll normally see in sitcoms or comedy movies but it happened to me a couple of weeks ago.

A few days after New Year, My sister spent the day with me having some “brotherly time” when she decided to go see our grandmother. It was around 8pm and we decided to walk, our grandparents house is only 2 blocks from us. So we strolled down the street under the night stars admiring the little shops on our way.  

Fast-forward to me coming back home, I was feeling kind of hungry so I decided to go to my favorite sandwich shop. It’s a little place down an ally run by a really nice Lebanese family. I took my sandwich to go and grabbed a cab home. In the cab I had my headphones on and a sad song came on (it wasn’t really sad but it made think about my life, and we all know how deep that thought can go) it was One Republic – Counting Stars. I had my head to the window when I heard the driver talking “Why so sad champ? You gotta be happy life is short” it was kind of sweet of him. I decided to walk the rest of the way home.

Walking back I was thinking about what the cabby said, and how cheesy it was. When suddenly I dropped my sandwich, and at the exact moment that I reached down to get it a car came crashing in the street two feet in front of me, literally where I was supposed to take my next step. My hart was pounding, I looked to the driver then I Looked at the sandwich and I smiled. The driver wasn’t injured and his car wasn’t in a bad shape, he apologized and asked if I was okay.

I want back home thinking that life is really short and then I ate my hero, he tasted really good. 


The Apocalypse isn’t that bad

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ImageRecently the media is pushing a negative image of the post apocalyptic world, with its TV shows The Walking Dead, movies World War Z and so many others. I want to take this opportunity to show you the real post apocalyptic world. Wouldn’t the Post-apocalyptic period be cool, think about it for a minute, no more government and no more responsibility. So in my opinion this is what the post-apocalyptic world is bringing to the table.

=Firstly we’ll have to go vegan, the meat will be nonexistent and the only supply left would be at large price. When I say price I’m not talking about money. The world economy would turn towards trading; you got to give something to get something. This is where women will have the advantage. I’m not saying it would be easy, we will run into many obstacles. The uncivilized of us will try cannibalism, so we will kill them

 Also we will have the possibility to see the world (or what is left of it) for no cost. Imagine seeing this ad “Have you ever wanted to see Mexico, visit France? Don’t wait anymore pick your backpack and start marching”. Everybody would do it in a heartbeat and we would get a bit of exercise out of it.would turn towards trading; you got to give something to get something. This is where women will have the advantage. I’m not saying it would be easy, we will run into many obstacles. The uncivilized of us will try cannibalism, so we will kill them.

Solidarity, we will have to stay in groups to survive and fight. This will make us come a lot closer and have deeper relationships with others. Don’t you see how great it would be having a bunch of people around you all the time, sleeping together, killing together; eating together that would be the best time of your life.

So don’t let the media pollute your image of the post apocalyptic world. Beneath all that blood, murder, rape and starvation it’s just another perfect world for you and your children to live happily ever after (or until the zombies find you).


Relationship ?

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I’ve always wondered what would be like being in a relationship. Seriously having someone with whom you can share anything and do everything. I find it a bit weird, don’t you?

All the movies I’ve watched (believe they are a lot) give a mixed message, from the love of your life to the crazy psycho. The sweet meet cue you have with a girl (or a guy). You start talking, you smile and slowly you enter the magical kingdom of Love. Where unicorns run freely in the wild and the sky is filled with a rainbow. What a great place. Those first months with that person that makes you crazy, WOW. You call them all the time; you talk about your feelings and all of that mushy stuff.

I always hear couples say to each other “when you’re not around I can’t breathe”. Seriously, you CAN’T BREATH. So when the two of you are apart you can’t inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. I find these kinds of, let say feelings stupid. I had a teacher who told me that if someone expresses his feelings to you, to see if they’re truffle: put your hand on theirs and ask them repeat. If he (or she) is dishonest they will make an excuse to remove their hand. I’ve yet to try this trick but feel free to use it and tell me how it goes.

I really get mad when I hear about other people’s relationship, I don’t know if it’s jealousy or something else but I just get mad. The other day at school I overheard some girls talking about how they are in ‘loove’, it got me pissed off for no reason.

ImageThe funny thing is I’ve had my heart broking without being in a relationship, wired. It happed because of  the phenomenon that we call ‘having a crush’. Isn’t it worse? We all had them if you care to admit it or not, on our teachers (good times), neighbors, parent’s friends… But the worst thing is having towards a friend. It sucks when you find your crush with someone else, and the funny thing you can’t say squat about it. It just sucks.

In conclusion I want to assure you that I don’t want to be in a relationship. But if someone wants to be in one with me, in that case I would be up for it 🙂

Who Am I?

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Who are you?
Who are you?

Should I show people who I really am? I’m afraid that if they see the crazy in me, they would run away. Aren’t we all crazy? And if not how do we define insanity. Am I crazy for not following the rules, to object to your opinion? My math teacher once told me that I was crazy for trying to solve a problem in my own way. Can I really show you who lies beneath this mask that you call a face.

Can you show people what you are? Under all those smiles and laughs. Do you even know who you are? When you talk about yourself, aren’t you talking about someone else, the person you want them to see you as.

I may be mistaking, you could be a center of big social group. You might be among a lot of friends with whom you share everything. But ask your self do they know the real you? I’m not talking about the things you have in common, but about your personality. Could you let them in on your life? If the answer is yes, believe me you don’t want to let them go. Those kinds of people are hard to find twice.

I never found that person. I don’t think that he or she exists. I’ve always shown people a facade of a funny guy. But they don’t know how messed-up I really am. The other day I was sitting in the cafeteria with a couple class mate, I was doing my ‘act’, when this girl said “you’re really pathetic…” This word echoed in my head over the week-end. Am I really pathetic?


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Every day is the same. Always alone. Sitting in front of my computer. watching movies, studying, eating and of course ______. This is pretty much my life when I’m not in school. it get so lonely that I’ve spent a day without saying a single word. Impressive.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of “coming to age movie”. Those movies where the lonely kid in high school meet the pretty girl and they fall in love. Yeah great story but bad in reality. Who would take the time to look at me, to get to know me. I’m just that guy that they call when they need help with their homework.

I don’t really know why it’s like this. Growing up I didn’t have a best friend, or even a friend. There were some kids who played with me, that’s all. And know that i am ‘sort of an adult’ nothing has changed. I walk back from school alone, I go alone. Everywhere I am alone. It’s kind of depressing.

So to keep things short, I don’t really know what I am doing writing this. I just had the idea. So whatever…

Monkey Attack

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About 9 years ago our neighborhood was terrorized by an escaped monkey. It was one of our neighbors that had it as pet, but the sneaky bastard found a way to escape (a regular Michael Scofield). So for a week or so the monkey, brook into houses, stole food and beat down some pets.

Let’s skip to when my sister and I came face to face with HIM. It was a regular Saturday morning; Dad went to meet some friends and mom left to buy some groceries. It was just me, my sister and our dog Bobbi. We were watching some Cartoon; I think it was samurai Jack, when we heard some noise coming from the back yard. We taught it was nothing, and then we heard something break.

Bobbi ran out and started barking, we flowed him. Arriving at the backdoor we saw the beast from hell, the demon monkey (I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but remember I was just 5 or 6 year old).

103ae317aacb5e55671933f62411b5fc686ab5f5b7f78ec00b8e77ffb8fd63afSo we’ve done the same thing you would’ve done in our place, we RAN, to my bedroom. We closed the door, stood in a corner, hugged each other and started screaming for mom.

Meanwhile, Bobbi was fighting this intruder. He managed to scare him away. Then our brave savior came to the door to let us know everything was okay. But we were to scare to do it. We stayed there for an hour until our mother came back.

This was the day I faced danger… and ran away from it as any reasonable person would do.

Me :As simply as possible

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So this is me. A simple Boy from a country, I don’t usually talk a lot. Don’t get me wrong, i am not one those loners that sit alone and always seem angry. It’s just that I spent pretty much of my life alone. When i sit with friends I’ m not that guy that you would talk to not even the one next to him. I am the one in the background, that listens and smiles.

Yep that’s me.

Yeah, I’m this strong…… not really

So this “attitude” stayed with me, and it sort of developed into a Super Power, can you guess it….no it’s not loneliness.

I began to notice small things, details about people the way they talk, look at others. Believe me I started having fun with it.

The first thing that I began to notice was what I call “the dirty mind“, some of you probably understood what I mean by that. In simple terms “the dirty mind” is understanding what people said in a…. let’s say an altered way. For example when I hear “what is that white stuff on your face?” I smile or laugh. I know it’s silly but I was young and puberty was knocking on my door.

The funny thing is I found that I wasn’t alone.

when we metThis girl let’s call her A took an interest in me. She was the first girl to ever look at me. She and I had the same Super Power.  When my “dirty mind” kicks in and I start laughing, I look around and there she is smiling at the same thing. I would never forget the first compliment she ever said to me “you have a nice smile”.  She and I became really good friends and that change everything for me. Girls started noticing me, the same ones that barely said hello. Let’s just say that she is a person that I will always Love.

So not to bore with another one of those stories, I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I began this blog just as a way to share my ideas and anything that comes to my mind. So thanks for reading this (if you did) and see you soon.

PS: when I said see you, I meant you seeing something on the blog not me seeing you… I think you get it.