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So this is me. A simple Boy from a country, I don’t usually talk a lot. Don’t get me wrong, i am not one those loners that sit alone and always seem angry. It’s just that I spent pretty much of my life alone. When i sit with friends I’ m not that guy that you would talk to not even the one next to him. I am the one in the background, that listens and smiles.

Yep that’s me.

Yeah, I’m this strong…… not really

So this “attitude” stayed with me, and it sort of developed into a Super Power, can you guess it….no it’s not loneliness.

I began to notice small things, details about people the way they talk, look at others. Believe me I started having fun with it.

The first thing that I began to notice was what I call “the dirty mind“, some of you probably understood what I mean by that. In simple terms “the dirty mind” is understanding what people said in a…. let’s say an altered way. For example when I hear “what is that white stuff on your face?” I smile or laugh. I know it’s silly but I was young and puberty was knocking on my door.

The funny thing is I found that I wasn’t alone.

when we metThis girl let’s call her A took an interest in me. She was the first girl to ever look at me. She and I had the same Super Power.  When my “dirty mind” kicks in and I start laughing, I look around and there she is smiling at the same thing. I would never forget the first compliment she ever said to me “you have a nice smile”.  She and I became really good friends and that change everything for me. Girls started noticing me, the same ones that barely said hello. Let’s just say that she is a person that I will always Love.

So not to bore with another one of those stories, I just wanted to tell you a little about me. I began this blog just as a way to share my ideas and anything that comes to my mind. So thanks for reading this (if you did) and see you soon.

PS: when I said see you, I meant you seeing something on the blog not me seeing you… I think you get it.


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